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Training is crucial in telesales and call centers for new reps and experienced reps. New reps need a step-by-step program to prepare them for their new position. Experienced reps require regular refresher sessions to keep sharp as well as training in new techniques.

TeleSales refers you to highly-experienced telesales and call center trainers who can design a training program for you and then train your trainer or manager to deliver it in-house on an ongoing basis. Our trainers, of course, also have standard training for different types of telesales and call center operations that can be delivered on-site and customized for your enterprise.

Please complete the request form to receive a referral to a qualified trainer. Also, please feel free to give us a call to discuss the ways that we may be able to assist your organization. Our toll free number is 800-688-TELE (outside of North America call 1-773-477-5400).