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Telesales and call center technology includes software, dialers, phone systems and many other devices. The right technology can make your telesales or call center staff more productive and provides better management information to help boost results.

For example, software-based progressive dialing calls the next number at a pre-set interval (say 5 seconds) after each call is completed. By automating and pacing dialing it can increase rep productivity by as much as 33% over manual dialing. A predictive dialing system anticipates busy signals, no-answers and answering machines by dialing additional lines and can increase rep productivity as much as 200% over manual dialing.

An inbound ACD (automatic call distributor) phone system automatically answers calls and routes them to the next qualified available representative. If none are available it plays a recorded message and connects the call to music-on-hold. When a rep becomes available it automatically transfers the call to them. ACD systems also provide reports about how long calls waited, how many “abandon” or hang-up while waiting and telephone rep productivity.

Whether it's software, a dialer, an inbound ACD phone system, monitoring equipment or other call center technology, TeleSales can refer you to the company that has the solution and a track record of success.

To receive a referral based on your requirements, please complete the request form. Also, feel free to give us a call to discuss the ways that we may be able to assist your organization. Our toll free number is 800-688-TELE (outside of North America call 1-773-477-5400).