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TeleSales, Inc.
Chicago, IL



The essence of an effective approach is knowledge and experience. TeleSales can refer you to consultants who have developed a superb track record of guiding organizations through the process of initiating a telemarketing / telesales program, or determining strategies to improve a program that is already in place.

Consultant services include:

  • New program development…strategies for launching a program are precise and proven
  • Review and needs analysis of existing programs…what to do to improve results
  • Sales training...teaches reps how to communicate a message more effectively
  • Manager and supervisor mentoring programs... provide tools that enable program leaders to closely manage their tele-sales unit, while strengthening each team member's performance
  • Hiring assistance...TeleSales consultants can refine one of the most challenging aspects of running a department
  • Script writing...TeleSales consultants know how to convey a message in a persuasive manner
  • Compensation plan analysis...consultants create plans that inspire greater levels of effort and achievement

Please complete the request form to receive a referral to an expert consultant. Also, please feel free to give us a call to discuss the ways that we may be able to assist your organization. Our toll free number is 800-688-TELE (outside of North America call 1-773-477-5400).